DM Digital Sky 802 TV Shows

Following the success of the Lindsey Report radio show, we now have the opportunity to present a series of 12 live TV shows on DM digital sky 802.

The aim of these TV shows is to highlight concerns over the excessive medication and misdiagnosing of children and adults whilst at the same time promoting safer and effective solutions through a better understanding of how to address various conditions.

The list of subjects we plan to cover will include depression, ADHD, the dangers of expectant mothers on psychiatric meditation, dementia and other mental health issues.

We are lining up guests to appear on the show who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in this regard.

Would you let us know if you would be interested in appearing on the show along with your area of concern, knowledge and expertise. If you have ideas of other like-minded people whom we could contact in this regard, please don’t hesitate to suggest them.

During the long hour show there will be an opportunity to advertise your own products/services and to sponsor the shows.

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